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Specially designed for refrigerated warehouses, where the priority is the perfect isolation of the loading point from outside temperatures and the entrance of any element, particle, insect or bird during the loading and unloading of the goods.

It stands out for its inflatable fabric (non-PVC), unique in the market for its high resistance to friction, abrasion and puncturing. Inflation is carried out by means of a simple and efficient mechanism, which allows the trailer to be sealed in a few seconds, preventing even the slightest light from entering. In addition, the shelter has a sturdy galvanized steel structure capable of withstanding the work of the usual vehicles on loading docks.

The inflatable shelter provides 90% more insulation than the retractable one, reduces water condensation in the installation (ceiling and floor) and provides a safe and comfortable working environment. It is also worth mentioning the enormous energy savings that the installation of this shelter entails, since it prevents the industrial refrigeration equipment from working continuously, increasing the electricity bill.


  • Maximum thermal insulation from external temperatures and rain.

  • Reduces cold losses as far as possible through perfect seal with the lorry’s container.

  • Its installation leads to significant energy and monetary savings.

  • Guaranteed hygiene: prevents dirt, insects and birds from entering the premises.

  • Inflatable fabric highly resistant to abrasion and shearing (non-PVC).

  • Defences to protect the shelter’s structure and prevent it from being damaged.




  • Isothermal
  • Integral
  • Adaptable
  • Large dimensions
  • Personalized


  • Fan for 60 Hz


  • Black Lacquered Steel Fenders


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