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This shelter is specially designed for refrigerated warehouses where perfect insulation of the loading bay from outdoor temperatures is prioritised and the aim is to prevent any element, particle, insect or bird from entering the premises while goods are being loaded or unloaded.

It stands out due to its inflatable fabric (non-PVC), which is unique on the market owing to its high resistance to friction, abrasion and shearing. It’s inflated via a simple, efficient mechanism that allows for an unbeatable seal with the trailer in a matter of seconds, preventing even the slightest filtration of light. Furthermore, the shelter has a strong structure made from galvanised steel that’s capable of withstanding the work of vehicles commonly used at loading docks.

The inflatable dock shelter provides 90% greater insulation than the retractable dock shelter. It also reduces condensation in the facility (floor and ground) and provides a safe, comfortable work environment. Moreover, there are significant energy savings involved in the installation of this dock shelter since it means industrial refrigeration equipment doesn’t have to be working continuously, thus electricity bills are reduced.


  • Maximum thermal insulation from external temperatures and rain.

  • Reduces cold losses as far as possible through perfect seal with the lorry’s container.

  • Its installation leads to significant energy and monetary savings.

  • Guaranteed hygiene: prevents dirt, insects and birds from entering the premises.

  • Inflatable fabric highly resistant to abrasion and shearing (non-PVC).

  • Defences to protect the shelter’s structure and prevent it from being damaged.

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FINISHESTypeSelf-supporting - Quick installation
FinishGalvanised Steel – Stainless Steel (optional)
Upper areaTilted to evacuate rainwater
ComponentsPre-assembled in the structure
FittingsGalvanised Steel
SizeStandard 3500x3700 (consult us for others)
FANFinishLacquer with epoxy paint to withstand corrosion
ActionVia on/off switch
Consumption0.37 kW (low-pressure fan)
OperationOptimised for long loading periods
TimeInflation 30 sec / Deflation 40 sec
Power Supply1x230 Vac-50 Hz (optional 60 Hz)
INFLATABLEInflatable fabricSpecial anti-abrasion (non-PVC)
FabricPuncture-resistant nylon
CoatingWaterproof resin
TensionersElastomers for windy areas
FRONTFrontal fabricHigh-tenacity polyester with PVC coating
TreatmentUV + Fire-retardant
SignageYellow safety lights on the sides and lintel
DEFENCESProtectionShelter structure
MaterialUPN hot-laminated steel
ColourBlack with epoxy paint
MODELSIsothermalIncreased perimeter insulation
IntegralSides extended to the ground
AdaptableMechanically to different lorry heights



  • Isothermal
  • Integral
  • Adaptable
  • Large sizes
  • Personalised


  • Fan for 60 Hz


  • Black Lacquered Steel Defences


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