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Loading dock accessories and equipment allow customers to optimise outdoor access points and protect all loading dock components (door, shelter, ramps), thereby enhancing safety and reducing the risk of accidents during loading and unloading tasks, as well as their required maintenance. Highlights among these accessories include:

  • Crash stops or bumpers that cushion the impacts of lorries, preventing damage to loading docks.
  • Guides that help the lorry when manoeuvring to park at the loading dock, thus reducing accidents.
  • Chocks, which lock the lorry’s wheels when it reaches the exact loading or unloading point.


  • Manufactured according to EU safety and quality standards.

  • Optimise outdoor access points to industrial premises or warehouses.

  • Protect loading docks from the impacts of lorries.

  • Provide additional safety at loading dock access points.

  • Reduce the time and cost of maintenance required on loading docks.

  • Improves productivity, making tasks quicker and more efficient.

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FEATURESInstallationLoading dock levellers or ramps.
ApplicationProtect the leveller and dock from impacts.
Steel Crash Stops Galvanised steel with internal rubber shock absorbers. Size: 572W x 250H x 107D.
Polyurethane Crash StopsHighly resistant yellow polyethylene. Size: 400W x 80H x 77D.
Rubber Crash StopsMore basic, acting as bumpers. Size: 80W x 500H x 80D.
Rubber Crash StopsLevellers equipped with a series of square rubber crash stops. Size: 250W x 250H x 100D.
FixingVia metal anchoring or welding.
FEATURESInstallationExterior of loading dock.
ApplicationFacilitates lorry docking manoeuvre and reduces risk of accident.
FinishYellow lacquered steel (standard) or galvanised steel.
ShapeDesigned to ensure lorry wheels are not damaged.
ModelStraight or open (curved), facilitating lorry docking.
SizeStandard 2500 mm long.
FixingFixed to the floor via metal fastenings or bolts.
FEATURESInstallationExterior of loading dock.
ApplicationAdditional safety system that allows the lorry's wheels to be locked.
FinishBlack lacquered steel (standard) combined with plastic materials.
Size135 (W) x 190 (H) x 305 (D) mm.
TypeSimple or wireless.
WirelessConnection to the door's safety system. Power Supply 24VDC.
Assembly Height500 mm (above the lorry).


  • Rubber
  • Galvanised steel and rubber
  • Rubber
  • Polyurethane


  • Straight
  • Yellow Lacquered Steel
  • Galvanised


  • Black Lacquered Steel
  • Automatic