Plver – Vertical Hydraulic Leveller 1
Plver – Vertical Hydraulic Leveller 2
Plver – Vertical Hydraulic Leveller 3
Plver – Vertical Hydraulic Leveller 4
Plver – Vertical Hydraulic Leveller 5


The main advantage of the vertical dock leveller over other levellers and ramps is that it allows the doors of the lorry to be opened inside the premises, therefore minimising the entry of elements inside the premises and the cold losses that occur between dock joints and the floor of the premises.

It is used in facilities and warehouses that require greater temperature control and high levels of cleanliness and hygiene as, given its characteristics, it prevents the cold chain from being broken.

This is the optimal solution for modern, automated loading docks. In combination with other equipment (sectional doors, inflatable dock shelters, guides and chocks) it can optimise loading processes and reduce the risk of accidents as far as possible.


  • Manufactured according to EU safety and quality standards.
  • The lorry’s doors are opened inside the premises.

  • Minimises heat or cold losses and improves loading dock insulation.

  • Preserves health and safety during loading and unloading tasks.

  • Improves productivity, making tasks quicker and more efficient.

  • High-quality, highly resistant, durable finishes.



LEVELLERTopUpper non-skid teardrop plate 6/8.
Folding LipFixed lip of 400mm, manufactured in teardrop plate 13/15.
FinishLacquer with anti-corrosion protection. Optional: galvanised steel.
Colour Black RAL5005. Optional: consult us for other colours.
DATATemperatureResistant to temperatures between -30ºC and 50ºC.
ResistanceInternal tube reinforcements for improved resistance.
Load Capacity6t dynamic load - 9t static load.
SizeStandard 2000 wide x 1850 long.
GROUPCompositionMotorisation and self-levelling system.
Lifting cylinder1 lifting cylinder for the leveller.
Lip cylinder1 cylinder for the folding lip.
HingesReinforced hinges guarantee greater resistance.
CONSUMPTIONPanelElectrical control panel IP55 equipped with emergency stop button.
Power Supply400V three-phase
PowerHydraulic group power: 1.1 kW (1.5 hp).
STANDARDCE MarkingDirective 2006/42/EC
Fall ProtectionLifting cylinder with fall protection valve to prevent the dock from falling suddenly.
SafetyEmergency stop button.
MaintenanceSafety barrier, which prevents closure during maintenance tasks.
OPTIONSPitOptional pit frame to facilitate installation.
Crash StopsIndia rubber (included as standard) – Rubber – Galvanised steel and India rubber – Polyurethane.
GuidesYellow lacquered or galvanised steel tubes to guide lorries.
ChocksAllows lorry wheels to be locked.



  • Black Lacquer
  • Lacquer in other colours
  • Galvanised


  • Rubber
  • Galvanised steel and rubber
  • Rubber
  • Polyurethane


  • Straight or curved
  • Yellow Lacquered Steel or Galvanised Steel


  • Black Lacquered Steel
  • Automatic