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Fire doors are used to section off different areas within an industrial premises, warehouse or business to ensure that, if a fire occurs, the area where it originated remains insulated, thereby preventing the fire from spreading to all other areas and allowing its swift control and extinction.

All fire doors must be manufactured in compliance with European standard 1634 and classified according to their degree of fire resistance (30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes). They can be pivoting (1 or 2 doors) or sliding, and we have multiple finishes and options available, including vision panels, anti-panic and closing systems.


  • Compliant with EU fire resistance standards for all components.

  • Prevent the spread of fire and protect workers and emergency escape routes.

  • Allow the fire to be insulated in an industrial area (60, 90 or 120 minutes).

  • Pivot or sliding fire doors, depending on requirements.

  • Wide variety of finishes, colours, configurations and closing systems.

  • Easy to assemble, aesthetic finish, and perfect installation on walls or panels.



FINISHClassificationStandard EN 1634 – Doors of EI2 30 - EI2 60 - EI2 90 - EI2 120
Fire-resistantDouble layer of high-density rock wool and plasterboard panel.
Structure2 steel plates of 0.8mm, interlocked without welding.
Thickness63 mm. The EI-120 is 75 mm thick.
AESTHETICSFinishGalvanised anti-finger - Pre-lacquered - Stainless steel.
LacqueredStandard white and grey. Option: other RAL colours of your choice.
SizeStandard sizes for shorter delivery. Option: customised manufacture.
DoorsOne or two doors, which may be asymmetrical.
FINISHMaterialExclusive profile in galvanised steel - Pre-lacquered steel - Stainless steel
ShapeExterior corner post frame 1.5 mm thick.
Fire-retardantBuilt-in intumescent joint.
InsulationOptional weatherstrip for improved insulation.
INSTALLATIONWallPrepared for on-site installation with nails or screws.
ProfileScrewed to a standardised metal sub-frame.
PanelSupplement that allows it to adapt to different panel thicknesses.
Between WallsTubular frame to be installed between two walls.
HANDLEClassificationCE Marking
LockReversible with steel box and galvanised front, inlaid in the door.
Closure1 point. Optional: 3 points. Equipped with key as standard.
ShapeSet of shield plus handle with black nylon keyhole.
HINGESClassificationCE Marking
Number3 hinges (4 hinges for Ei2 120)
AdjustmentDouble bit and height adjustment.
Double doorAutomatic closure mechanism into the lock on the inactive door.





  • Anti-finger
  • Lacquered
  • Stainless Steel
  • Other


  • Panel
  • Wall
  • Profile
  • Between walls


  • Vision panel
  • Closures
  • Anti-panic
  • Protections
  • Personalised